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It’s fair to say that 2020 and even 2021 so far have presented many complexities for the learning generation of today.

Whether it’s a child taking their first steps into learning, or mature students starting a new career path.  Homeschooling and learning certainly have their place, but the consensus is that it is not a complete replacement for the ‘classroom’, especially as the transition happened so very quickly.

At GreenEarth Cleaning, we’ve always made it our place to focus on the future generations as well as supporting the here and now.  If nothing else, we want everyone to know what ‘Sustainable Aftercare’ is as part of their growing up process, so that environmentally non-toxic alternatives are a “given”.

This is why we will again be sponsoring the ‘Sustainability Award’ at the ‘Fashanne Awards’ 2021.  Fashanne is fronted by U.K. journalist and presenter Anne Davies and is considered to an awards program like no other. Connecting young designers with business, as industry leaders judge the work of finalists, drawn from hundreds of submissions made by university undergraduates from all over the U.K.

The aim of these awards is, to be a platform for emerging talent, provide a viable route for employability, and engage with the very best designers of the future.  For the Sustainability category, GreenEarth will be looking for the submission that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to Sustainable designs, and for creative solutions that will lead to extending the life of the garment.  So often sustainable garments are a representation of sustainable production and giving guidance for end of life, but the ‘In use’ element can often be ignored.

Pre-covid, I sat down with Anne to discuss our vision for the award for 2020; the same applies for 2021.  The main difference now is that there are lots of voices asking for a ‘Green Recovery’ for the economy following the pandemic.  Take a look at the clip here.

It’s great to have the opportunity once more to engage with people who are just about to embark on their careers, which is why GreenEarth Cleaning is delighted to sponsor the ‘Sustainability Award’ for 2021.

If you’re a university undergraduate with a passion for sustainable fashion, visit their website here.