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How to Prevent and Treat Clothes Moths

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience clothes moths, you’ll want to read this article. If you haven’t experienced clothes moths, but enjoy wearing wool, fur, silk, leather, or any other animal fibers, you’ll want to read this article. Clothes moths are pests that feed exclusively on animal fibers and can destroy your favorite garments. At GreenEarth Cleaning, as a leader in the garment care industry, we receive all sorts of questions related to caring for clothes. Clothes moths are a concern that has been brought to our attention countless times—and for good reason. These things are nasty.

Taking a proactive approach to warding off clothes moths is always the best course of action. Simply monitoring your garments is key. It’s so easy to let a drawer full of wool sweaters sit boxed in for a year, but that is a recipe for disaster. You really need to be taking them out to inspect and clean at least three times per year, even if you haven’t worn them. Dry cleaning them using a GreenEarth cleaner is the best way to care for them safely. Other ways you can help prevent clothes moths would be to periodically clean your home in areas that aren’t easy to clean and oftentimes do not get cleaned, like under heavy furniture and along baseboards and cracks. Also storing your off-season clothes in airtight containers will prevent infestations.

What to do if it’s too late and you’ve already discovered an infestation? Remove everything from the infested area, place all clothes in a tightly tied bag, and take them to your nearest GreenEarth cleaner. Next, you will need to thoroughly clean out the infested area with a vacuum. Throw the vacuum bag away. If there are rugs or carpet in the infested area, that will need to be cleaned professionally as well.

Clothes moths are nasty and probably a bit scary. But there is no need to panic. With the help of a GreenEarth cleaner, you can remove them and have your closet back to normal in no time.

This may seem like we’re just pushing GreenEarth cleaners, but it’s simply the truth. Dry cleaning has been researched and learned to be the best way to not only remove moths but bed bugs, mold, and other pathogens like bacteria and viruses. GreenEarth is also gentle on garments and will not damage delicate fabrics like wool and silk. Not to mention, it’s is the only environmentally non-toxic, odorless, allergen-free dry cleaning method available.