EverClean Dry Cleaners

Maximized Sustainability – 20 Years In The Making

It’s been my good fortune over the course of my 45 year business career to have been involved as a founder/owner with seven different businesses in seven different industries. And one of the lessons I’ve learned is that a business is not about tables and chairs and buildings and computers, rather it’s all about its people.

And in the service business, this is even more true than in manufacturing or technology companies. It doesn’t matter what the CEO says should happen. What matters is what happens when the customer interfaces with the company at the point of service.

We’ve been blessed over our 20 years at GreenEarth to have had people who care about our mission of providing our industry with better tools to serve the retail customer. And to provide a dry cleaning system that is safer and gentler for people, their clothes, and our planet.

I am so proud of the people who have joined our team and the very real commitment each has to serving our GreenEarth Members and, in turn, the customers our Members serve every day. Combined, GreenEarth is a Network of those who are committed to doing the right thing – something that’s becoming more and more rare in our society of “me first” rather than serving others. I trust the next 20 years allow us to remain in the same place of service!