EverClean Dry Cleaners

More Than Just A Solvent

Coming to a country, with less than a hundred dollars, and not knowing the language, to owning a small business. Through hard work, not spending money on useless things, and living with two other families in a small one-bedroom apartment, this was how many Korean immigrants, including my father, were able to purchase their very own dry-cleaning plant.

As times change, hard work alone is not enough to get customers to come through the door. Not having an online presence is one of the reasons we are seeing immigrant dry-cleaning operators struggle to grow their business.

In an industry where solvent companies are just that, I am grateful to be part of a company that is more. A company that takes charge in helping our affiliates evolve and grow their business to meet the demands and expectations of the new generation. GreenEarth is able to accomplish this by building websites for our affiliates, marketing via social media, delivering exceptional customer service with a Bi-lingual staff to break the language barrier, and providing the only sustainable way of dry-cleaning.

This past August I was able to work the California Cleaners Association Expo in Long Beach, CA. Meeting and spending face to face time with so many Affiliates in one place was a great experience. Then Saturday night we took a large group of our Affiliates to BO-Beau Kitchen + Tap Room for happy hour and I learned what it meant to be a part of the GreenEarth Family.