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Spring Cleaning—So Fresh & So Clean

As the weather warms and flowers bloom, it’s a fantastic time to clean and freshen up your home for spring. If your sights are set on green living this year, here are some great tips on how to clean sustainably. 

During the winter, clothes start to pile up and overburden you with clutter and there is nothing worse than clutter to make a space feel messy. Clutter can be a source of stress but there are ways to manage it. If you are looking to cut down on landfill waste, consider donating your items to your local Salvation Army or nearest clothing drive. For items you want to keep like new, we have many affiliates who can help you clean them properly, without harsh or harmful chemicals.

If you have a trusted dry cleaner in your area, you may know that they offer dry cleaning services that will help gently remove any dust or grime that may have accumulated over the winter season. If your local cleaner uses the GreenEarth Cleaning process, then you are really in luck. With the GreenEarth process, you can expect a friendly clean that is fresh and crisp, and you can trust that the process is sustainable. 

The GreenEarth Cleaning process is made up of one basic ingredient, pure liquid silicone. This ingredient is non-toxic and non-hazardous. You can find liquid silicone in many of your daily use items, including cosmetics and body lotions. Since it is unlike traditional solvents, it can be used on delicate fabrics without causing damage, with its gentle but effective clean. Since it is non-toxic, it can clear away oils and dirt, making your items feel softer. Your items will be returned to you looking brighter than ever.

When bringing your items in to be cleaned for spring to any GreenEarth cleaner, you can also expect your items returned to you with satisfaction guaranteed. You will be amazed at what our process can do to not only clean your clothes the right way but to renew them just in time so you can enjoy sunny spring days, worry-free. With our Affiliates, you can expect nothing less. So, the next time you are looking for a trusted local dry cleaner, check our store locator!

Meanwhile, if you are feeling overwhelmed with your spring cleaning, here are some great sustainable tips to start with:

  • Organize, organize, organize! If you feel like you are drowning in clothes, try to sort out each item by color, fabric, or season. When you do this, you can figure out which items to store, and which items you plan to use the most this season.
  • When storing your winter items, do your best to keep them in a cool and dry environment. You may also want to consider buying a few easy-to-access storage bins to place under your bed or on the shelf in order to minimize dust accumulation. 
  • Fold your clothes neatly, that way, when you go to pull them out again they will not be wrinkled or bunched up which will reduce the amount of effort you will need to put into unpacking these items for next season.
  • Consider donating clothes rather than throwing them away. Bring your items to a local clothes drive, sell them on social media, or drop them off at Salvation Army. This will lessen the burden of having too many clothes while also helping to minimize landfill waste and perhaps help others in need as well.